Best Alkaline Foods: Wheatgrass and Barley


Best alkaline foods:  Consuming the best alkaline foods such as wheatgrass juice promotes a healthy aging process. The high content of chlorophyll of wheatgrass cleanses the blood, thereby helping to rejuvenate aging cells. Barley grass also presents similar properties.

Superfood #5 Wheatgrass: high in Chlorophyll

Wheatgrass and barley grass are number 5 in our series of 8 superfoods due to their high content in chlorophyll. These 2 best alkaline foods also boast a wide range of amino acids (all eight essential ones), essential fatty acids, fibre, Vitamins A, C, E, K & B complex, with over 90 trace minerals, including iron and magnesium and 20% proteins – Simply amazing!


Let’s add to this that these best alkaline foods have up to 20 times the nutrients of other green vegetables. Barleygrass has eleven times more calcium than milk, five times more iron than spinach and seven times more vitamin C than an orange.



Properties of these best alkaline foods

  • Powerful detoxifier

Wheatgrass protects blood and liver and neutralises toxins such as nicotine, strontium, mercury, cadmium and polyvinyl chloride.

  • Top anti-oxidant

Wheatgrass is bursting with enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase protecting us from free radicals, stress, pollution and viral infections. They also help with chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis and Alzheimer’s.

  • Anti-ageing

Free radicals being connected with premature ageing, wheatgrass is a wonderful tool in my well ageing tool box. These best alkaline foods protect our cells whilst amino acids promote skin regeneration and essential fatty acid reduce inflammation.

  • Weight loss

Wheatgrass helps control sugar craving and balance blood sugar levels thus reducing snacking. Wheatgrass also helps stimulating thyroid involved in obesity.

  • Blood builder

The structure of a chlorophyll atom in wheatgrass is almost identical to that of haemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood. It is an excellent anaemia fighter.


The 3 Week Diet



How do I consume these best alkaline foods

You may juice wheatgrass. Its intensive green and sweet taste is not for the faint hearted and I confess having trouble consuming it. However you may mix it in smoothies or soups to make it more palatable. The alternative is to have it in dried in powder .best-alkaline-foods-powder

Start off with 25 grams of juice  or 1 teaspoon of powder and progressively build it to 50 grams or 2-3 teaspoons.