How to stick to a Diet


Stay True to Your Diet

Planning a diet is easy, but what’s difficult is maintaining that diet. There’s always a tendency that you will go back to your old ways and return to your old, unhealthy, eating habits. Remember all that hard work to lose some weight, and after a few days of eating hastily it’s all back! Follow these simple steps on how you can stick to your diet.


Eat in Moderation

People often forget the amount of food they eat when watching their favorite TV series like the BBC’s dark and fascinating crime series Luther. If you are planning a snack, make sure to put it in a small bowl instead of bringing the whole pack. It is a good idea to use a smaller plate for all meals so that it is easier to control your portions and keep to the diet.

The 3 Week Diet


Chobani YoghurtSwitch to Healthier Goodies

Yes, you and your family love those tempting goodies of cakes, biscuits, sweets and ice cream. But if you don’t have them in the larder you can’t eat them! Make sure you stock up with healthier, sweet alternatives like Chobani non-fat yoghurts or fresh fruit slices. They taste delicious and are lower in calories too… keeping to that diet is looking much easier now.

And don’t forget that sodas and colas are full of sugar… the calories can mount up just from a can or two a day. Switch to plain water or try out some herbal teas – your waistline will thank you.


Make a Diet Plan

Each person has a different lifestyle so it is a good idea to create a diet plan based on your activities. If you are an early riser, it is best to eat a hearty breakfast to give you energy for the morning ahead. If you have a very busy day with lots of activity, then allow yourself more food for extra energy. Regular mealtimes and smaller portions mean that you keep your energy levels all day and are not tempted to break your diet. Don’t forget to keep those healthy snacks on hand too!


Consult Your Dietician/Doctor

Some people are hesitant to get regular consultations from their dietitian or doctor because of the costly fees. You can save a lot by getting health insurance as they often cover specialists’ fees and consultation fees. Aside from that, you are also assured of free hospitalization in case you get sick. Most health insurance also covers laboratory tests so you can check your cholesterol level before starting a diet. By doing so, your doctor will know what kind of diet is suited for you and avoid any health risk.

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Make your Diet a Lifelong Habit

Eating right is not something you should do once in a while. It’s a lifelong habit that keeps you healthy, fit and slim. Maybe you’ll need to eat a bit more when you reach your ideal weight, but keep to those healthy choices and the weight will stay off. Good luck!