Natural Skincare Routine


My somewhat superficial obsession with looking young arises from a deep desire of being in control of my body and health. I have always been torn apart between the edginess of beauty. On one side, female beauty and looks are defined by marketing companies, often projecting an image that does not correspond with everyday reality. Further, all too often we are seeking validation based on others perception, as women, that of men in particular, which can lead to feel objectified or even manipulated.On the other side, beauty and looks, especially as we age, are another expression of a deeper grace, of self-respect, discipline, and love for the physical body we were given, which is empowering.

My body and face in particular have been expressing this internal conflict. As I was growing older, I developed very severe acne that only strong medication would put to a temporary stop. Then I found different, more natural ways to deal with my skin problems, which helped shed my ugly duckling exterior.

It all started from a very young age. My mother was a dedicated wife to a rather controlling and dominant husband (my father obviously). In her mind and coming from a rather modest background, her very survival, her job, depended on pleasing this handsome and authoritative Surgeon. So she would cook lovely meals, put up with us (that is my sister and I) and take care of herself – I suppose the French version of the Stepford wife. From a young age, I would observe her daily routine, and be exposed to her endless collection of creams, masks, serums of all colors and scents. Looking at my mother pampering herself, I was watching a sensual and somewhat intimate ritual that was to leave me with a lasting impression.

So I started to take care of my skin from the age of 20. As I said, I had adult acne well until my late thirties. My acne was probably the external symptom of my relationship with myself as I was trying to define my personality, the sense of my being with respect to the opposite sex in particular. But that is another story. I am now in my mid forties, have earned my self confidence in my many challenges and my skin looks better than ever, without any botox or fillers.

From the age of 20, I have tried everything you can think of from cheap to very expensive, from mainstream to “witchy formula” products and I have now discovered a routine that suits me and has made wonder on my skin. As I have been asked by many of girlfriends what was I was doing, I have then decided to publish it so that they can refer to it whenever convenient.

The 3 Week Diet

Daily Skincare

Face natural skincare


  • I start by wiping my face with a cotton pad damped with organic apple cider vinegar. apple-cider-finalI use it pure, but obviously it may have to be diluted with filtered water or Asea liquid. Obviously avoid the eyes.    The cider vinegar I use is the simple  Aspall that can be found in any local UK supermarket. In France, I have been using the “vinaigre de cidre de Normandie” sold by “Monoprix”. I also like Biona.
  •   Apply the RENU 28 gel on face and neck.
  •  Once RENU 28 is absorbed, organic Argan oil on the face and neck.  Really pure good quality Argan oil is difficult to find.  I use “Perle d’Argan” from Katima’a.Argan-Oil-final


  • Then I proceed to make up if relevant. I do not use make up every day as even organic ones contain ingredients that are not so good for the skin.

Body natural skincare:

  • Argan oil is my favourite, I sometimes mixed it with coconut oil I apply on a washed body thumbnail m while still under the shower.  After the shower I apply more Argan oil on the body: “L’huile Rituelle”  from Katima’a.

Night Natural Skincare

  • I remove my make up, or just the day from my skin, using pure apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad. For me the best and most efficient and natural make remover there is; certainly the cheapest. You smell like salad vinaigrette but it wears off quite quickly.
  • For the eyes, use your regular make up remover. I use Argan oil and a cotton pad, followed by organic castor oil on eye lashes and eyes brows.
  • Then Renu 28 and a spray of ASEA water and that’s it! No night cream as it is best to leave the skin breathe. The need for night cream is just another invention of the cosmetic industry.

Weekly Natural Skincare

On the face: I follow this routine once or twice a week

  • Clean my face with apple cider vinegar
  • Gently exfoliate with a DIY scrubbing mask
  • I apply coconut oil as a mask and leave it for 15 min.

thumbnail (4)

  • The “hydrating Mask” from Avene is  just a wonder I have been using for the last 20 years.  Leave it until absorbed by the skin then remove what’s left with Asea water on a cotton pad.  You can use a tonic or just filtered water.